It’s Complexicated!

This guy summed up my experiences in two beautifully crafted sentences.

You can actually go back through the blog, and even I bring them up and soon forget they ever existed. I FORGOT THERE WERE LESIONS. ON. MY. BRAIN.

I laughed until I cried — and not sad tears, either. This happens to me so often. I will turn to my beloved and say…why can’t I understand this wassname-thingie? I’ve become stupid! He’ll say, “you have MS and you’re tired. It’ll be better after you’ve slept a while.”
Sleep as a cure for stupid? Ok. buh.
But it works. Helps plaster over the stupid…
it’s just lesions in my brain.

I’m going to go to sleep now so I can wake up refreshed to read more at It’s Complexicated!
Thanks for sending me over there, Ocsy



About ThePlagueFairy

Wife and mother, Retired musician, etc, etc.... My favorite word is "Gemütlichkeit". -->-->-- "The word "Gemütlichkeit" is an old word that has lost much of its meaning over the years. If you ask a very old German about its meaning it is to them a most beloved word. It once meant fellowship, hospitality, warmth, welcoming, and a feeling that no-one is a stranger. Today it means cozy comfort.
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1 Response to It’s Complexicated!

  1. David Emeron says:

    Get some sleep, sweetheart.

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