Oh, look!! I stole the original that the sonnet below was made from…

Ok, that title made sense in my head.

In the blog portion of One Sonnet Each Day, David writes about the evolution of the sonnet that I blogged about before. The first iteration of the piece was written sometime in the last century and it is beautiful. Here it is:

Earthbound are my feet, although
they strive for starfields;
climb as they will a

staircase of air, the Earth
is all that they may
touch. But oh! how my

mind may soar! It takes
my feet where they may go
but not where it may fly.

An Island of dirt is all
they know. All they will
ever know.

But dirt may be kind and
beautiful, and may be built
upon and danced upon and

someday, may become a
a chariot, and take me to the


About ThePlagueFairy

Wife and mother, Retired musician, etc, etc.... My favorite word is "Gemütlichkeit". -->-->-- "The word "Gemütlichkeit" is an old word that has lost much of its meaning over the years. If you ask a very old German about its meaning it is to them a most beloved word. It once meant fellowship, hospitality, warmth, welcoming, and a feeling that no-one is a stranger. Today it means cozy comfort.
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3 Responses to Oh, look!! I stole the original that the sonnet below was made from…

  1. David Emeron says:

    This is an old one of mine which I still like very much. I like that you like it as much as you do, sweetheart.

  2. Very nice! Intriguing title….!

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