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My Beloved Husband Knows These Things

I love thee so, my sweetest, doth I close Up my romantic soul, and lock away Its delicate embrace of thee I chose. And for your sake, my children, shall I hide Away its key; that none should see its … Continue reading

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Once Again The Things That Inspire…

Come from my beloved. A few days before Thanksgiving he posted: WE HELP EACH OTHER WITH… …likes. The fact is, sometimes we just click “like.” It does not actually mean we ‘like.’ It does not mean we actually have read. … Continue reading

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Every Day Is Thanksgiving Day Around Here…

…although meals are usually simpler.  This afternoon my David is brining the turkey for tomorrow’s feast and the roommate’s dog is trying to help.  The dog is a boxer mix so he thinks being underfoot is helping.  He’s poetry in … Continue reading

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I Awakened To A Wonderful Gift!

Lady Day left this exquisite piece in my comment section.  It deserves a post and I am proud to give it one here.  Such kindness should never be taken lightly and I can assure you I haven’t.  The more I … Continue reading

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I Stand In Awe…

Originally posted on David Emeron: Sonnets:
By any song, in night, that dost thou sing, If with thy lips shalt sing, my dearest one; Or make to sing my soul, thy touch doth bring; Or strong thine arms surroundeth, sing…

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