I Awakened To A Wonderful Gift!

Lady Day left this exquisite piece in my comment section.  It deserves a post and I am proud to give it one here.  Such kindness should never be taken lightly and I can assure you I haven’t.  The more I read this the more it touches me; and, if permission is granted by the author, I am going to ask my artist daughter make a copy of it to hang so I can see it every day. The Lady author shows a great talent for insight.

I don’t know what the conventions are for posting poetry but please remember that the piece posted here is sure to be copyrighted.

Such a love as this…
That floats above life
The trials
The jagged blades of knife…
Does touch…
so very deep, the soul.
That together
You’ve been made perfectly,

-Lady Day


About ThePlagueFairy

Wife and mother, Retired musician, etc, etc.... My favorite word is "Gemütlichkeit". -->-->-- "The word "Gemütlichkeit" is an old word that has lost much of its meaning over the years. If you ask a very old German about its meaning it is to them a most beloved word. It once meant fellowship, hospitality, warmth, welcoming, and a feeling that no-one is a stranger. Today it means cozy comfort.
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1 Response to I Awakened To A Wonderful Gift!

  1. Kev says:

    That’s really beautiful

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