Once Again The Things That Inspire…

Come from my beloved. A few days before Thanksgiving he posted:


…likes. The fact is, sometimes we just click “like.” It does not actually mean we ‘like.’ It does not mean we actually have read. Still, it does mean something. We do this. We perform this action for each other–fellow bloggers. We do this, in part, because we hope that our blogger friends–as well, we hope that we–through the long chain of bloggers connected to other bloggers, will be connected with those who will appreciate their special brand of comment or insight.

Regardless of our art or position or our views on anything in particular, we seem to care for one another in our quest to be heard by those who would appreciate our work, or comments, or views. At least at this low level of notice, none of us seem to be concerned with whether or not we understand to relate to a message. We seem all to be friends regardless. On this day, which is a day of thanks in the United States, it seems appropriate.

Posted by David Emeron on November 22, 2012 

I am very thankful for David, my large and nerdy/scientific/artistic/musical/didIgetallofthat?!?,  household; and for the web of artistic and friendly support of these friends all over the world who loosely network with each other. I wouldn’t be writing on this blog without a couple of years training with TehSqueakyWheel and my dear friends over there who taught me to speak again and how to help run a website.I learned a world of courage from these people and they had no idea for the longest time that they were teaching me anything beyond website maintenance.  Web friends changed my life forever.

I am particularly interested in the phenomena of free association of people and what our resident mathematician tells me is emergent behavior.  I love watching this example of it working, it has great beauty.  David pins it down beautifully in his blog post about how We help each other with… “likes”.

“Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy.”

– Callahan’s Law


About ThePlagueFairy

Wife and mother, Retired musician, etc, etc.... My favorite word is "Gemütlichkeit". -->-->-- "The word "Gemütlichkeit" is an old word that has lost much of its meaning over the years. If you ask a very old German about its meaning it is to them a most beloved word. It once meant fellowship, hospitality, warmth, welcoming, and a feeling that no-one is a stranger. Today it means cozy comfort.
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2 Responses to Once Again The Things That Inspire…

  1. billgncs says:

    Ah Callahan’s, a special place.

...thus do we refute entropy.

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