I’ve Found A New Place To Lay My Weary Head

The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beautiful. Edifying. Restful. Satiating. I could go on and on but plain words are the best. KanzenSakura is a full meal in every post. Contemplative without being stuffy.  Such thought and graceful discourse with the mindfulness of the true Southerner. I quote her here:

I am a Southern woman – and y’all had best not ever forget it – I am a glass of sweet tea, a razor sharp cutlass sheathed in antique lace, I am pecan pie, I am Hurricane Hazel and I am a zephyr wind in the Appalachians. I am extra spicy jambalaya and I am a mint julep. But I am also a katana sheathed in cherry blossom silk, the mist around Fuji, the perfect cherry blossom, Sumi, and anime. I am a samurai and I am the spirit of Ryonji. I am simplicity and I am frothy crinolines.

I think I enjoy her stories best.  Well, really, it’s her look at biblical stories and sermons.  She’s quite a scholar.  Yup, that’s the best thing to me.  Oh, and there are her recipes!  I’m going to make the Green Tea Ice Cream this weekend.  And then there is her poetry.  Oh!  And I do love it when her day job as an interpreter for engineers leaks through to her blog.  But her storytelling must be the most charming thing there.  I’m reading The Samurai and the Wren right now.  I do love her sometimes spare wording interspersed with the plain day accounts of feeding the gang on football night.  Charming!  Yup…it’s true.  I really can’t decide what I like best about KanzenSakura’s site but I haven’t read it in it’s entirety yet.  Give me a few days!


About ThePlagueFairy

Wife and mother, Retired musician, etc, etc.... My favorite word is "Gemütlichkeit". -->-->-- "The word "Gemütlichkeit" is an old word that has lost much of its meaning over the years. If you ask a very old German about its meaning it is to them a most beloved word. It once meant fellowship, hospitality, warmth, welcoming, and a feeling that no-one is a stranger. Today it means cozy comfort.
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3 Responses to I’ve Found A New Place To Lay My Weary Head

  1. kanzensakura says:

    I just found and read this. I am stunned. You make me sound like something wonderful. thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful statements. I am going to treasure this.

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